Thoughts about Kate I’ve had for awhile now


Anyone who knows me on Tumblr knows my feelings about Bomb Girls. I love it, it’s my favourite show of all time. It makes me want to grab a time machine and swing by 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 to pick up various younger versions of myself, shouting, “Guys, I’ve found this show that has something for ALL of us! Even pre-gay us!” In a show where basically everyone is my favourite character, Kate Andrews is my favourite character of all. I love her joy, her sassy moments, her quiet moments, her angry moments. In a show filled with unbelievably courageous characters, Kate’s bravery just enchants me. It makes me feel like I could be brave too.

Perhaps it’s just my love of/faith in/rampant overidentification with the character of Kate Andrews, but I have never had the slightest doubt that Kate is in love with Betty. I sincerely doubt that Kate’s storyline next season will consist of sowing doubt as to whether Kate loves Betty. To me, this would be frankly baffling, since it’s been clear to me since the beginning that Kate returns Betty’s feelings. It was clear from their first scenes that Kate is drawn to Betty (hence all my, “Kate asked out her hot supervisor/neighbour after being acquainted with her for approximately twenty hours, ten of which she was asleep, even after she humiliated herself in front of said hot supervisor/neighbour three or four times. Damn, girl, I wish I had your confidence!” cracks). Since Kate is softly spoken, awkward about expressing her sexuality and – let’s be honest – normatively feminine, it can be harder to puzzle out her feelings, but they are there. It’s just a matter of thinking beyond the tropes of the indecisive femmey girl toying with the stalwart butch girl’s feelings.

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