i’d take house lannister over house romney

Terrible People Making Bad Decisions

aka all the shows I watch

Game of Thrones: as seen by the internet


I haven’t read or seen Game of Thrones! But I know plenty about it, because Tumblr. Mostly, what I know is everyone is probably dead and Winter is Coming? So, here’s a breakdown!


This is Hair Guy! So named because he looks like he’s in a goddamn shampoo commercial, seriously. He could be Sam Winchester’s curly haired ancestor or something. Probably participates in “Ye Olde Familie Buisness.” He stands around in the snow looking sad a lot. He’d probably be happier on a beach! Get a tan, show off for some babes. But he’s stuck in the snow. Poor Hair Guy.

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Samwell Tarly. Doing it right.


Samwell Tarly. Doing it right.

I’m just going to say it. I was expecting at least ONE female actress from Game of Thrones to be nominated for an Emmy.



You’ve got:

Lena Headey

Maisie Williams

Michelle Fairley

Emilia Clarke

Sophie Turner

Gwendoline Christie

can someone say SNUBBED?!?!?!

can someone say SNUBBED?!?!?!


Eddrrd Stark.


Eddrrd Stark.



more reasons to hate sansa stark


  • she is responsible for ned’s death
  • she kissed joffrey this one time
  • she is not arya
  • she started robert’s rebellion
  • she killed aerys targaryen
  • she killed a stableboy once
  • she thinks cersei has nice hair
  • she pushed bran out of a window
  • she is a communist
  • she hates cats
  • she basically started WW2
  • she fucked patchface

SPOILER ALERT- White Savior in Game of Thrones




I have major issues with Game of Thrones.

As much as I love it, reading/watching the scenes about the Dothraki gets under my skin. The Dothraki are written by GRRM as savages, they have sex in front of everyone to see, they steal, they’re violent, uncivilized animals. In the book they’re described as having copper-toned skin and in the show they’re largely portrayed by black people. 

Oh and surprise, surprise, there are also common stereotypes about black people that fit a lot of what the Dothraki are described as. 

And then to make things even better (sarcasm people), there’s a precious white person who comes in to save the Dothraki people from themselves when Khal Drogo passes away. 

Really when you piece apart the story line, it’s the classic white savior trope in action.

So obviously I have a lot of problems with this. But I think what I find most offensive is that we see a white person talking over black people yet again. Dothraki obviously have an established culture in the story, you’d think that there would be a Dothraki telling this story and giving us a feel for their world.  Despite how offensive their world is, it would still be nice to give them a voice. But instead the focus is on Daenerys and her battle to reclaim the throne. 

It’s not surprising; somehow white people always speak louder than everyone else.

THIS ^^^

I Haven’t read the books (though I hear they are really good) so can only go from the two seasons:

I love the Dothraki people. They are badass POCs But it felt awkward the way they written, even more so when Drogo (he’s so hot oh my god) was killed off and the whie princess got to be the leader.

I realy liked when one of the Dothraki men stood up to Khaleesi and basically told her to fuck off because they can do things themselves without the help of an outsider. I feared they’d kill Drogo off because the story is centered all about the lilli white princess and how she’s going to ‘save the Dothraki people’. There was no way a POC would be given too much spotlight- he had to go (the characters were portrayed by a mix of both black and other POCs). 

What made watching this even more uncomfortable is this is how I see some people from different AfricaN countries behave like. They treat the white bride to the black groom like royalty. and that was how Khaleesi was treated like, except she is royalty. 

I love Game of Thrones but the savior stuff reeks from it at times. 

I read the series aaaages ago, and I have to say although i liked it at first, once I got well into the second book I was less than impressed. It was difficult to explain at the time, but I honestly think this should be required reading for every woman who attempts reading A Song of Ice and Fire:

Enter Ye Myne Mystic World of Gayng-Raype: What the “R” Stands for in “George R.R. Martin”

This article/review started a legendary throatbeard fanboy harassment campaign. It’s pretty much totally right-on in everything it says.

I still watch the show, which I find to be LESS misogynist and racist than the books.