the ot3 is strong in this one


ah yes the first no homo of the season

*sigh*. a good 20-30 minutes behind you, so I’m getting this all in advance of the scenes (just saw the no homo in question). what’s so frustrating is how the response the audience is supposed to have is “hehehe, she thinks he’s gaaayyyy!!!”


dumb femlock sketch thing where sherlock is a 50s(???) detective girl and john is her cool greaser girlfriend?? yes
i copied the poses from a nancy drew book bc honeybadger dont cARE
bonus cutie molly (matthew??) hooper?? maybe??? 

sobs i’ll make it look halfway decent laterz


dumb femlock sketch thing where sherlock is a 50s(???) detective girl and john is her cool greaser girlfriend?? yes

i copied the poses from a nancy drew book bc honeybadger dont cARE

bonus cutie molly (matthew??) hooper?? maybe??? 


sobs i’ll make it look halfway decent laterz

Dear me, Mr. Holmes.






Tears of happiness. :)

"Come on, grab your friend"



The first and last scenes in The Reichenbach Fall

Wow, NO. 

who authorized this omg

“I hope I see you.  Sometime.”

but let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie, 
your eyes are soft with sorrow, 
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye. 

              — Leonard Cohen




This scene always breaks my heart. As much as Sherlock and Mycroft don’t really have much love lost between them, they are also close in a way - see the moment when Mycroft gives him the cigarette for Christmas, for example. Sherlock isn’t close to many people, and he is almost forced to trust the ones he is close to. If he had the option, he’d probably only trust John - but Mycroft always knows his secrets even if Sherlock would prefer to keep them private. In this moment, as they’re discussing an area that Sherlock is inexperienced in and as such made vulnerable by, Mycroft betrays him by revealing that weak spot. Look at Sherlock’s face - that’s not anger or annoyance. That’s pure, unbridled hurt from a cut only Mycroft had the power to give him.

Ah, but look what happened earlier in that scene:

[image snipped]

J: Here to see the Queen?
S: Oh, apparently yes.

Mycroft looks hurt there. He has to take a moment to regather his composure before speaking. Both have sharp wits and old scores to settle - when the opportune moment arose, it is unsurprising that Mycroft retaliated. In the language of the playground - which is, sort of, the level our boys like to operate on - Sherlock started it.

Yes, they are cruel to each other. Very cruel. But they are family, and so can get away with it. Each gives as good as he gets. But when it matters - really matters - they are there for each other.

John may be Sherlock’s best - and only - friend, but there are still times when he needs his big brother more. When Irene sends Sherlock her phone on Christmas Eve, this is shown through a very clear visual metaphor. Sherlock retreats to his room and calls Mycroft then, when John tries to come in to ask if he’s all right, Sherlock shuts the door in his face.

[image snipped]

Throughout Scandal, Sherlock turns to his brother when he needs him. And it’s not an entirely utilitarian need either - just look at the morgue scene. Sherlock turns to his brother for emotional support there - “Do you ever think there’s something wrong with us?” - and Mycroft gives it as best as he can.

Sherlock’s deep, intrinsic trust in his brother is something I hope we will see vindicated in Series Three when - as I hope and believe - it is revealed that Sherlock has turned to his brother for help once again. Sherlock is not forced to trust his brother - far from it - he trusts him for much more than the simple things that makes Mycroft useful.

They may have a very bitter, brittle, distanced brotherly relationship - but it is a bond that has tied them together in their odd, Holmesian way.

[image snipped]













Sorry for the soundcloud spam, but..

Some amazing person did a Sherlock cover of Hallelujah. It’s so beautiful and sad and GAHH, MY FEELS. You all must listen to it. Just press play, it takes no effort, and you’ll be glad you did.

Seriously, it’s one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever heard.

Oh my word. Tears streaming down my face.

I’m really tempted to do a cover of her cover. Shjxjejhdhjfd.

I love when I post something, then it appears on my dash again two hours later.. Reblogging my own post to add this - 

Seriously, this bit always gets me - “But if you had known it’d go like this, you’d have put up with every little bit… Now you know he was composing… Hallelujah…”

See you had your faith and he didn’t approve,
till you saw him standing on the roof,
and “Goodbye, John” they were his last words to you,

And the second he stepped off you knew,
he took your heart, broke it in two,
and from your lips he drew the hallelujah.

fuck it I’m reblogging again because songs very rarely make me cry and this is just askfdhoipt’;mn,bdmhd ಥ_ಥ

Casually crying my eyes out.

This gave me goosebumps.

From one dedicated Sherlock Fansinger to another - I BOW DOWN.

Think I might do an edit of this with my uke and harmonising and stuff? Maybe?

Because I’m feeling all inspired.

quietly sobbing

Oh my god

“But if you’d known it would’ve gone like this, you would’ve put up with every little bit” GOD I can’t.

Tears already and that was just verse one.

“And John you know you’ve been here before, the therapy doesn’t help anymore, you think you can’t live alone but somehow you do”

“There’s a yellow smile upon the wall but it’s not a smile no not at all, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah” Oh god I can’t… I never even once… considered what the smiley would be like to him after the fall…

“Was there a time when he let you know what was really going on below? See, now you start to question what was he to you? Remember when he moved in with you and your whole world started moving too and every breath you drew was hallelujah”

Dear god.. Apparently I’m typing out all the lyrics because THEY ARE JUST SO PAINFUL

“Maybe there’s a god above, but you learned all you could from love, and shooting at the sun won’t breing him back to you. No that even when you were so alone, he picked you up and he carried you home” ASDJGSDHSHDXJ


I can’t

legit can’t why


Oh my gosh I can’t see what i’m typing right now the keys are blurred by teears abubububu


NO I can’t cry I have to go to work!! But wait my arms are doing something against my will. They’re putting the song on my ipod. Noooo!

Rerereblogging this from trntbl. I am crying. Again.