5x03 Mini is such an uncomfortable episode

Watching Mini try so hard to be this person she’s not and pretending she enjoys it makes me cringe.  I think (in addition to the control/abandonment issues she seems to have regarding Liv and Grace), Mini is so mean to Franky in the beginning because she resents Franky’s ability to be herself. Of course, Franky views it as an inability to be any other way.

I really, really like the series 5 theme of identity and choice. I’m really not looking forward the series 6 theme of misogyny (or rather “the way boys treat girls”—I’m not wrong in thinking that means misogyny, right?) because no matter how well it is (or isn’t) done, it means watching Franky, Mini, Liv, and Grace getting treated like shit. 

wow, could she be cuter? 

Looking at old pictures of Franky is making me extremely apprehensive about the new femmefied Franky in the series 6 promos. 


I loved Panda in this scene