tumblr people quoting autochat people they do not know

(makes me feel like spinny, surreal circus music)


praise the helix fossil






this video/song got me in tears.

Occasionally I see Moon Bloodgood in a thing and am once again surprised and delighted that there is a real-life human person named Moon Bloodgood who exists and is not a J.K. Rowling vampire.


This is 35 seconds of Neil deGrasse Tyson dancing or: The greatest 35 seconds of your entire life.



lilbit is a hero pass it on

lilbit is a hero pass it on

His Dark Materials art by Zuzanna Celej.


talk dirty to me


ok like im kind of pissed that 13 year olds on here have nice lookin blogs and good aesthetics. when i was your age i was roleplaying sexy vampires on gaia so im going to need you to start sucking a little more


on one hand, there’s something touching about the fact that all the good wife coverage shrinks will gardner’s role into “alicia’s occasional romantic partner”, as that’s the kind of narrative belittling that usually happens to female characters and therefore it’s interesting to watch it happen to a male character—but it belittles alicia, too, and the show overall.

because the news story that keeps being written is “the show killed alicia’s love interest and thus set her free”—and alicia’s been free for a long damn time. alicia, for many (many) (many!) seasons has been in an arc that is not contingent on “choosing a man” and the show has never been about keeping her there; will was in love with his idea of alicia, but his fall—arcing through this season and culminating in his death, hubris-style, classics-style—has not been about romance, it’s been about his own failings as a character. and how that reverberates onto everyone around him, and the way he affects the plot going forward is going to be about that. notably this last episode found alicia largely absent, purposefully, for the big stuff. not unimportant, alicia is never unimportant (not merely the “female lead” but the lead, flat-out, to which everyone else is a fundamental structural secondary), but the actual moments of will’s death belonged to the show’s other female characters: to diane, hearing the gunshots, and to kalinda most of all, who got to walk into the courtroom while the gun was still clicking.

will’s death was a plot catalyst structured to have the most meaning and blowback possible for everyone.

will’s death was not “the death of a romantic lead”—not only because alicia’s been living an arc that’s far from contingent on either choice of man in her life, but because that cuts out the way the rest of the characters get to react.

alicia’s been free for a long time. alicia’s romances have always been about alicia. will gardner’s place on the show has never been “alicia’s romantic partner waiting in the wings” because the show is more dynamic than that, precisely because it is about alicia’s arc being bigger than that. the way will’s death is going to impact the show is not tied up in romantic consequences, it’s not about “freeing” alicia of romantic obligation. it’s plot dynamite and emotional dynamism and it’s everyone’s. and to come out of that episode saying “oh wow, a show brave enough to kill off the romantic lead!” is insidiously insulting to the show, to alicia, and to everyone else there. the bravery is in part how little it had to do with that.