What was I made for?

"Wishing you great strength in your time of trouble. Love, Alison"
Alison Hendrix’s handmade card to Sarah with flowers and a gun. (via puppybrochu)

"Removes Food & Plague"


"Removes Food & Plague"

Margot Verger fan club

okay, you can do this. you’re a person who can exist in real life.

Enter Hamlet, half naked


In this scene with Hamlet and Ophelia, it is important that Hamlet is half naked and uncomfortably exposing a lot of skin in front of Ophelia who at this point would have already tried to give Hamlet his things back.


I was checking the spam box of my e-mail to see if anything important had been flagged as spam before i deleted it and:




CAPRICA | one gifset per episode

↳ 1x01, 1x02 “Pilot

"You know what your brain is, Joseph? It’s a database and a processor, that’s all. Information and a way to use it. What my daughter figured out was how to harness all the information that made her who and what she was. It’s genius, really. She took a search engine and turned it into a way to cheat death."